What is the international locker service?
It is a physical space in our Miami warehouse that allows you to make international purchases and shipments.

What do I need to have a locker?
Be of legal age, have a physical address in Colombia to receive your shipments and adhere to the policies of our company.

What goods are restricted for importation?
The restricted articles to import depend on each country and its Customs, example:

Items Prohibited Via Courier

1. Dangerous, flammable, corrosive, aerosol, radioactive, weapons of any kind, clothing, or items for official or military use, pornographic videos or literature, food, live or dead animals, security items, organic and hospital waste, liquor and Others contemplated by the airport, police and/or customs authority.

2. Jewelry, fine stones, precious metals, coins, securities, credit/debit cards, cash, items considered historical or cultural heritage, antiques, works of art, artistic objects.

3. Hallucinogens or any other type of prohibited substance.

Does all merchandise have some type of insurance?
The locker service must have insurance on the value that the customer declares of the merchandise, in small shipments where there is no extra charge for insurance, the maximum value is $50.00USD. ServiCasillero reserves the right to accept shipments that are not considered insurable.

In which case is an insurance effective?
All insurance covers only total loss of cargo, total loss is understood as the guide that for any reason did not reach its destination.

The insurance that ServiCasillero invoices does not apply to losses, damages, partial or total immobilization, modality changes or any retention of merchandise by the customs authority of each country, therefore, they will not be originated from claims.

A box is declared a total loss when it reaches one month after it was sent without news about its location.

How is a shipment tracked?
Entering the page www.servicasillero.com , select the tracking option and enter the guide number.

What are the Colombian regulations for Courier cargo shipments?
All postal packages and urgent shipments from abroad to Colombian territory, must meet the legal requirements contemplated in the Colombian Customs standard so that they can enter as postal traffic – Art. 193 Decree 2685 of 1999–.

The basic requirements are:
Its value does not exceed US $2000 (dollars).
Your physical weight does not exceed 50 Kilos or 110 lbs.
The measures do not exceed 1.50 Mts. or 59″ on either side.
Maximum 6 units per category.

Can customs open my package?
Correct, if in the review the declared value is lower than the commercial value of the products, the shipment could be subject to a tax readjustment by the DIAN (in the case of Colombia).

If Colombian Customs does not accept the declared value, can the package be lost?
No, in no way can Colombian Customs:

A. Make a value proposal on said package and if in said proposal the value is less than US $ 2000 dollars, the consignee decides to accept or not. If you accept it, you will only pay the tax, otherwise, you must financially demonstrate to Customs that the original declared value is the ideal one and an appeal process begins that takes approximately 10 to 15 business days.

B. If the value proposition is greater than US$2000, it must be submitted to a modality change as a normal import and said procedure must be done through an SIA authorized by Colombian Customs. ServiCasillero is not responsible for said procedure or charges that cause a change of modality. "The recipient has 60 days to nationalize through an SIA."

What is a readjustment?
After the DIAN physically reviews any package that enters Colombian territory and considers that the merchandise has a higher value than declared, it may make a readjustment of the tax, this difference must be paid by the customer in the following 5 business days from the Customs verification date , if the client decides not to pay, the merchandise will be delivered to Customs as provided and ServiCasillero will have no responsibility towards it; If the client decides to file an appeal, they will have 2 business days to legalize the original invoice, the electronic transaction support, the copy of the voucher and the recipient's ID, a process that takes between 15 and 20 business days to respond, otherwise, the appeal will not be valid.

What is a change of modality?
If the DIAN considers that the merchandise does not meet the requirements to enter through the modality of Postal Traffic and Urgent Shipments (Decree 2685 of 1999), it may make a Change of Import Modality. In this case, the guide will be sent to an authorized customs warehouse and the recipient of the same will have the right to claim the documentation, which will be delivered to them so that they can carry out the import process directly with the customs warehouse and ServiCasillero will not carry out any intermediation process, or management in front of the customs warehouse, this process must be assumed exclusively by the recipient of the guide or the person to whom he grants power.

What is an immobilization and retention of Invima and ICA?
In the nationalization process, immobilizations and partial or total confiscations may be presented by the different regulatory entities of Colombia. The Invima regulates the possibility of manufacturing, packaging, importing, or marketing food, cosmetics, medicines, phytotherapeutic products intended for human consumption or mass consumption and the ICA prevents, controls and reduces health, biological and chemical risks for animal and plant species, which may affect agricultural, forestry, fishing and aquaculture production in Colombia. These processes are unrelated to ServiCasillero, and it will be the recipient of the guide who must carry out the corresponding procedures for the release of their merchandise as provided by the authority.

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